An animal-alphabet book?

Isn't that, like, a major cliché?

Not an animal-alphabet book

done the J is for JITTERBUG way!


Tony Perrin's beautiful drawings

pop with joy on every page!

So many clever, hidden details

They're enchanting at every age.


Jen's signature, snappy poetry

keep the picturesque show on the road

while serving up laughs and imagination 

by the silly whale-watching boat-load!





An animal / alphabet book?

Hasn't that been done?!

Look inside: you've never seen

A book quite like this one!



J is for JITTERBUG launched in January 2016. We've printed a limited edition run of 1,000 books, and there's a little over 300 left, so get yours while they last! Each book comes signed  by the author -- a perk of purchasing from an utterly independent poet / publisher!


Bought a copy for my children and they loved it - so I ended up buying four

Bought a copy for my children and they loved it - so I ended up buying four to give to children of friends as well! Great fun, massively entertaining, fun, chock full of energy, and so much to talk about with little ones, who seem to be inspired into serial flights of fantasy. Highly recommended.

Big fun for kids of all ages

My 9-year old and 4-year old both love this book. The alliteration and crazy animals are super fun! They seem to find something different in the illustrations every time we read it. I read it in my Pre-K daughter's class and it was met with lots of giggles.

I highly recommend it!

This book is indeed fanciful. The lyrics are lovely, the colors and characters, sublime! In fact, It's as much a visual fancy as it is lyrical one. The author and graphic artist are both gifted in their own rights. I highly recommend it!!!

Highly recommend!

This book is so fanciful and imaginative you and your kids will spend so much time exploring its pages. It's extremely well written and the illustrations are so imaginative. Highly recommend!


This is a FUN FUN book to read with children.  Little Aurora is crazy about it.  Thanks for creating such an inspiring and educational book, it's a winner on every level.


Jen and Tony, friends for years and years,

proud author & illustrator of J is for Jitterbug:

A Fanciful Animal Alphabet!


Any resemblance between Jen and Tony and the Jitterbugs on our cover is purely NOT coincidental!


Opening that first box of books.


Our first customer!

Jen, dancing slugs, and cool kids! Writer's night at Barnard Elementary School in San Diego, California.

Maya,Kate and a couple of NEWTS.


Some rad readers!

a jalg, ink. production