hairdo fine print

(ps. -- there really is no fine print)


Thank you for being a part of What Hairdo Does Your Hair Do? I hope your participation in this book will be a wonderful experience for you / your child.  This book, the series of books to follow, and the company publishing them have been conceived in a spirit of fun, cooperation, and adventure.  That said, in order to make absolutely sure we're all "on the same page", please read carefully the following , and make sure you agree!  (At the photo shoot, I will ask you to sign a hard copy of this same document.)


Jennifer Laffler ("Jen"), Publisher & Proprietor of Just a Little Genius, Ink. ("JALG"), a California publishing company, hereby has my permission to use my / my child's Photograph, Likeness, First Name, and Questionnaire Response in the book entitled "What Hairdo Does Your Hair Do?" ("the Book"), copyright pending, estimated publication date October 2015).


I understand that once the Book is published, my / my child's participation in the book cannot be changed.  However, if I change my mind prior to printing, Jen / JALG will be happy to remove my / my child's photograph and any related information completely from the Book.  


I understand that my / my child's participation in the Book is entirely voluntary.  There is no monetary compensation for participating.  As a cast member I / my child will receive 1 - 2 digital photographs from the shoot of the photographer's choosing; an invitation to attend a professionally planned launch party; a copy of the finished book; and of course, the unique opportunity to appear in a "real" book!


I will allow Jen / JALG to use my / my child's Photograph, Likeness, First Name, and Questionnaire Response in a PR and / or marketing capacity.  My / my child's Photograph, Likeness, First Name and Questionnaire Response could be used on JALG's website; other websites; such as; social media outlets, such Facebook and Instagram; in print or web advertising, etc.  I understand that all images will be used with caution and care; that Jen is happy to work with cast members to ensure their comfort in how their image may be used; however, Jen / JALG cannot be held responsible, financially or otherwise, once an image has been published.


I agree I / my child will never seek legal action against Jen / JALG for any reason whatsoever.  If there is a disagreement between me / my child and Jen / JALG, the involved parties will work out their differences amicably and without resorting to legal / financial actions.


(now that wasn't too bad, was it?)

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