Fresh sessions of Cursive Camp are coming!  Camps will be held W, Th & Fr October 23-25, then again on W, Th, Fr October 10/30- Nov. 1.  We'll start right at 9am and go until 11:30, with a 20 minute snack and play break. Sign up here >

Why Cursive Camp?


Cursive writing is no longer taught in most a part of most schools. Unless your child's teacher is somehow able to find the and curriculum, your child will not be taught. cursive reading or writing in any depth.  And what a shame, because there are so many reasons to learn cursive!  


  • Cursive elevates handwriting to an art form, bringing beauty and self-expression to ordinary communication;

  • Mastering cursive ingrains a unique set of motor-sensory skills;

  • It's a link to history - many documents have been written, and almost all of them signed, in cursive;

  • The bottom line: not being able to read and write in cursive is tantamount to illiteracy!  If you "don't know" cursive, you "don't know" a pervasive form of English.  


For more on the importance of preserving cursive education, check out this New York Times article.

Who does Cursive Camp?


The only requirement is that children already read and write in standard writing fairly fluently.  All ages can benefit from Cursive Camp!


  • All kinds of learners.  I have experience (and a love for) working with a wide range of kids and abilities.  

  • The "work" of learning cursive is not hard; we work hard to make it fun!  But learning cursive does require attention and persistence, and (the development of) fine motor skills.  

  • If your child may require extra help, just let me know; no problem!  The curriculum is easily tailored to accomodate different learning paces and styles. 

  • If you (the parent) would like to stay and assist, this is also very welcomed! 



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What we'll do!


Here's what Day 1 of Cursive Camp looks like:


  • Write own name tag (trace, then do yourself)

  • Check how they are holding the pencil — offer corrections

  • “Get the feel" of cursive writing (Jen's custom curriculum): ocean waves, ocean waves with wind, cresting ocean waves (introduces concept of changing direction), little loops, tall loops

  • Creative craft using “cursive patterns” — make a unique bookmark

  • Snack and Outdoor Play — 15 minutes — they need the mental break!

  • “Head’s Up" game, with clues written in cursive (it’s a version of charades, but I stick the clues to their foreheads… they find this very funny)

  • Making connections — challenging connect-the-dots exercises!

  • Introduce the cursive practice notebook, write names on notebook, write names of cursive camp students in notebook

  • individual letter practice


Days 2 and 3 build on what we've learned from Day 1, adding more complex letters and connections, capital letters, and introducing the idea of style and creativity into handwriting. There will also be plenty of cursive reading time, and games to stretch our legs and minds!

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