casting call!

now seeking kids (ages 0-7) with awesome hair to be featured in a brand new children's book,

What  Hairdo Does Your  Hair Do?


Our next photo shoot is January 10, 2015.  We'll shoot somewhere near Encinitas, CA (exact location TBD -- it depends on the weather).  If you can't make it to the photo shoot, but would like to be considered for the book, please get in touch!!


Independent Encinitas Book Publisher seeks "ordinary extraordinary" individuals

(plus a few dogs, cats and horses -- and a cow)

to feature in a dynamic new children’s book about HAIR;

hair of all shapes, colors and sizes!  


Show up for a 15 minute professional photo shoot;

get to keep a couple of shots;

get to see yourself in print*! 


We are especially seeking DIVERSITY!  

If you’ve got cool hair, a cool look, or just positive energy to share,

you should be part of this!


Currently Casting:


identical twin girls, ages 2-8, who can rock pigtails;

a poodle, perfectly groomed;

a quintessential California blonde surfer boy;

a RASTA guy or gal, with dreads;

a black haired-person with a black-haired dog;

and a palomino pony (paired with a blonde-haired woman).

a boy who rocks a mohawk or fauxhawk;

a girl who'd like to model Princess hair;




Got questions?  Not surprising -- it's not every day someone asks you to be photographed to appear in a childrens book.  Please check out our FAQ's page, and well as the Hairdo Fine Print (really, it is just fine).  Also, please check us out on Facebook; it's a great way to keep in touch.


*  As we put the book together, and try to balance boys and girls, include different hair types, etc., it is possible that we won't end up printing every picture.  Thank you in advance for understanding this.

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