JALG was founded in 2016 to offer young and young-at-heart poets a platform to share their work. On this website and in semi-annual e-publications, we will showcase kid-created and created-for-kids content; specifically poetry, art, and happy comminglings of the two.  Please carefully read our submission guidelines before submitting your work:


All work *must* be original.  Unoriginal or clearly derivative works will not be published;


Must be kid-appropriate (ideally geared to the ages between 4 and 14).  No foul language, no overtly "adult themes".  Material deemed inappropriate will not be published;


Words come first, art second.  Art pieces with no words will not be considered for publication;


We're in the business of poetry, please. Prose (short or long stories) will not be considered for publication.


Please no overtly religious or political themes.


All entries will be published on this site.  We aim to encourage ALL aspiring poets.  However only a select few (20-30 pieces) will be highlighted in our e-publication.


There is a small ($4) price of submission.  This nominal fee reduces non-serious entries, and will help cover our costs.


All entrants whose work is accepted will receive an "I am a published poet!" button, and a "Creativity Changes Everything" sticker.


Submissions systems now being built!  Come back in a few weeks, and bring your creativity!




                                 is a big word.  Let's break it down:


just a little genius, ink. / Steve & Missy Sole

photograph used with permission. 

Here's the thing: when we say "genius", we really are

talking about your kid; about you; and yes, about us too:


     You are a living genius.

     Every human being is born a genius.

     I am not just saying you have the capacity to be a genius,

        but that you are one, right now.

     Your higher purpose in life

        is to share your particular genius with the world.


     I would like you to understand genius in a new way.

     To begin with, you don't have to be intellectual to be a genius.

     Genius describes you living at your zenith.

     It is you living your life without holding anything back...


     Your genius simply makes you a truly joyous human being.


-- Richard Rudd, "The Gene Keys" (quote used with permission)



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